Hard Core Truths About Parenting

Hard Core Truths About Parenting

When I was younger I though that parenting was the funnest, coolest and easiest thing to do. After all, I could take care of babies and make them stop crying and be happy. And once they get older you just hang out with them, right? Those thoughts were obviously before I had children. As I look back at my ignorance I laugh at myself. I am going to explain 3 hard core absolute truths about parenting.

1. It’s exhausting! And the reason why it is exhausting is because you will put the most effort into your children than you do any other thing. At the end of the day sometimes we are so exhausted we barely have enough energy to smile at one another. But the Time is now, the time is now that we instill everything that we have into our children so they become the rock stars that they are. By giving emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. By giving and giving your everything to your children it can wipe you out. On the other hand, it is the most rewarding position on planet earth. As parents, we are raising the next generation of people to take off in this world. What kind of people do you want to raise? Any parent would say that they want to raise respectable, honorable thriving children who will be adults one day.

2. As parents, we are the most influential people in our children’s lives. Whether you believe it or not, it is the truth. Our kids look to us as the rock stars, we can do no wrong in their eyes and we know everything (HA!). So when we speak to them in love and truth and teach them what we know and how to do things. That builds trust between the relationship. They will come to you with things such as questions about things they heard in school, what certain words mean, what we think about a situation, etc. When my oldest son comes to me with something he heard in school from so and so, he knows I will give him the honest truth (age appropriate). I have done it with him always and he continues to come to his parents time after time with what he wants to know. He knows his questions are valued. As that relationship grows, he will feel the safety to come to us as he gets older.

3. The REWARD and satisfaction that you receive when you see your children acting as you wish for them. When you tell them, “It’s time to go!” and they come running. I love overhearing or watching the kids when they don’t know I’m looking or listening. When I see them use teamwork to build that fort made out of the couch cushions and blanket. When I hear them talk as little adults to one another and work an argument out. We all have those days when we want to scratch them and start over or wish the day would just end already at 8 o’clock in the morning. But stay encouraged. The discipline and values that you are raising your kids will pay off. What you sow into them they will reap and call you blessed. When you sow love you will reap love. When you reap patience you will reap it. Whatever you may be giving out, it will come back to you in the actions of your children. I hope this was enlightening and encouraging to you.

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